Sitemap - 2021 - Razib Khan's Unsupervised Learning

Did Daddy write about IQ again yet?

R. Taylor Raborn: evolutionary genetics, good enough for government work

Geography by the numbers: what territory we've covered

Looking back: postscripts to five most-read posts

ICYMI: the lost podcasts

Eric Kaufmann: shall the religious still inherit the earth?

What happens in Denisova Cave stays in Denisova Cave... until now

Our African origins: the more we understand, the less we know

Yo mama's mama's mama's mama... etc.

Leighton Woodhouse: from the labor left to the radical center

RKUL: Time Well Spent 12/12/2021

Xiaotong Yao: a Chinese biologist in America

Megan McArdle: Escape from New York

Thanksgiving squabbles are a feature, not a bug

All I want for Christmas is a few good reads

Dark Horse out of the Steppe

Charles C. Mann: 1491 fifteen years later

Timothy B Lee: reporting on the intersection between policy and economics

RKUL: time well spent 11/11/2021

Tanner Greer: the American New Right

RKUL: a little light reading, October (& early November) 2021

Heritability of height: the long and the short of it

Eric Berger: SpaceX and Elon Musk

Carole Hooven: let's talk about testosterone

Trent Colbert: standing athwart the mob

Under pressure: the paradox of the diamond

Alexander Young: everything you want to know about cognitive genomics

Joshua Lipson: on Jewish genetic genealogy

RKUL: time well spent 10/10/2021

The eternal wanderers: Sephardic Jewish genetics and culture

Kat Rosenfield: how did culture become middle-school?

RKUL: a little light reading, September 2021

The character of caste

Steven Pinker: let's talk about Rationality

A whole New World

Freddie deBoer: the "hereditarian Left"

Ashkenazi Jewish genetics: a match made in the Mediterranean

Emily Deans: keeping sane in the years of COVID-19

RKUL: time well spent 09/12/2021

Mahan Ghafari: evolutionary genetics and viruses

Among Afghans: jewel of the dragon

Antonio García Martínez: the chaos cancelled

RKUL: a little light reading, August 2021

Should we get "woke" on genetics and behavior?

Maximilian Larena: the most Denisovan ones

Steppe 2.0: would you swipe right on a steppe brother?

Myra MacDonald: the shadow wars in the Indian subcontinent

Hungarians as the ghost of the Magyar confederacy

Ruben Arslan: sex, intelligence & fitness

RKUL: time well spent 08/08/2021

Under the skin

Jared Rubin: Christianity and Capitalism

RKUL: a little light reading, June-July 2021

Jason Munshi-South: rats and evolution

Karl Smith: inflation, the debt crisis, China and the American tripartite class system

Patrick Wyman: Luther, Columbus and Gutenberg

Finnish brains, baiting and bottlenecks

Frontier Finns: cabins, rakes & Indians

Linda Avey: genomics from 23 to 100

From deepest Siberia to Europe’s edge

Alex Mesoudi: the origins of cultural evolution

RKUL: time well spent 07/07/2021

Out-of-Africa's midlife crisis

Get lucky

John S. Wilkins: species, the history of an idea

Dragon Man ascending: two geneticists discuss the latest paleoanthropological discoveries

Here be humans

Go west, young Siberian

Samo Burja (again): finding "lost civilizations"

Weirdness as a national pastime

Duke Tales: I see Finland in the strangest places

Richard Hanania: Israel, "wokeness" is just civil rights, and the Chinese century

Ramez Naam: a promising future

Colin Wright: wasps, New Atheism, and sex

RKUL: time well spent 06/06/2021

David Mittelman: genomics for justice

RKUL: a little light reading, May 2021

Outcast as I wanna be, part 2 of 2

Outcast as I wanna be, part 1 of 2

James P. Mallory: finding the Indo-Europeans

Steppe 1.1b: culture vultures descend

Steppe 1.1a: A nowhere man's world

Marie Favereau: the Golden Horde and world history

Kristian Kristiansen: the birth of Northern Europe

Steppe 1.0, Going Nomad

David Anthony: the origin of Indo-Europeans

RKUL: time well spent 05/05/2021

Our Three-Body Problem

Thomas Olander: the origin and spread of Indo-European languages

Greg Clark: For Whom The Bell Curve Tolls

The ultimate price of costless gestures

Benjamin Basset: pagans and Christians then and now

Abdel Abdellaoui: a behavior geneticist in the 21st century

Entering Steppelandia: pop. 7.7 billion

Library of the Steppe

Gabriel Rossman: the sociologist who tells you that influencers are overrated

Chris Stringer: 1,000,000 years of human evolution

Tom Booth: Cheddar Man and Beyond

Nick Patterson: cryptography to Neanderthals

They came, they saw, they left no trace...

Matt Ridley: evolutionist, Thatcherite, and writer

Books on deck in 2021

Lee Jussim: he comes to abolish social psychology

Made in China

Cathy Young on the shadow of the French Revolution

Texpocalypse Now: a postmortem

Events on Clubhouse Today, Friday the 12th

Chad Orzel: quantum jumps across science and writing

Rob Henderson: Red America to Oxbridge and Beyond

15 books that will leave you changed

A conversation with John Hawks: a life in paleoanthropology

Come DIY your DTC DNA with me this week

Stark Truth About Humans: a story of India

Ramesh Ponnuru on the pro-life movement in America

Stark Truth About Aryans: a story of India

American Civil War? Richard Hanania thinks it unlikely

Alina Chan on SARS-CoV-2 and "lab leak"

The wages of conventional wisdom