Sitemap - 2022 - Razib Khan's Unsupervised Learning

John Hawks: a year in paleoanthropology

Posts of Substack past, posts of Substack present...

Shadi Hamid: Democracy in America and Araby

Passing the civilizational purity test: India's 3000-year caste straitjacket

You can’t take it with you: straight talk about epigenetics and intergenerational trauma

Nikolai Yakovenko: GPT-3 and the rise of the thinking machines

A coat of many colors: medieval-DNA findings detect interwoven strands of Ashkenazi heritage

RKUL: Time Well Spent 12/12/2022

Joshua Lipson, Aric Lomes and Leo Cooper: the medieval origins of the Ashkenazim

The unreal voyages and trials of Madagascar’s Malagasy people

You can't make this up: Madagascar, how our planet's strangest island was settled

Michael Bonner: Iran's Sassanid Empire

Cyber Monday 50% discount, plus who I read and why

So you want to test your DNA

Eurocentrism, the West, and white supremacy

Garett Jones: The Culture Transplant - How Migrants Make the Economies They Move To a Lot Like the Ones They Left

RKUL: Time Well Spent 11/11/2022

Cody Moser: universal baby talk

Nikolai Yakovenko: a Twitter engineer on machine learning and his former company's prospects

The Turkification of Anatolia: tales of Rome's last conquerors

Razib Khan: Anatolia over 10,000 years

Erik Hoel: neuroscience is dead, long live neuroscience!

Hittite Words, Byzantine Walls: what the West as we know it owes Anatolia’s empires

Jonathan Haidt: social media kills the internet utopia

RKUL: Time Well Spent 10/10/2022

Religion in China, India and the West

Ararat’s long shadow: Asia Minor’s major impact on humanity

Oliver Traldi: welcome to the intellectual dark web

Tania Reynolds: let's talk about intrasexual competition

Richard Hanania: markets in every prediction

Happy second anniversary, Unsupervised Learning!

Kerry of Mary Lincolniana: America made in the image of Massachusetts

RKUL: Time Well Spent 09/09/2022

Razib Khan: the "southern arc" and Indo-European origins

Only from the mind of Martin: a perfect inbred queen

Katherine Brodsky: from internet entrepreneur to cultural commentator

They're all Greeks to me (part 2)

They’re all Greeks to me (part 1)

Razib Khan: surveys of the great ancient human DNA Diasporas

Jason Walters: from Salafism to Sartre

RKUL: Time Well Spent 08/08/2022

Ed West: Albion past and future

I wanna be like you

Ethan Strauss: the sports journalism disruptor is in the house

Built to Last: Continuity in Japanese Genetics

Maxim Lott: getting to the truth of the matter

Manvir Singh: beyond anthropological dreams

A Hun by any other name

RKUL: Time Well Spent 07/07/2022

Judge Glock: it's still morning in America!

As American as a first library card

Eternal as the Nile

Dr. Iona Italia: a cosmopolitan liberal in an identitarian age

Unsupervised Learning 2022 Reader survey

The haplogroup is dead, long live the haplogroup! (part 2)

Stuart Buck: making 21st-century science better

The haplogroup is dead, long live the haplogroup! (part 1)

Claire Lehmann: an Australian at the heart of the heterodox web

Manuel L. Quezon III: Explaining the Philippines

RKUL: Time Well Spent 06/06/2022

Iberia: from Scourge of Islam to Launchpad of Conquest (part 2)

Alex Palazzo: drifting into molecular evolution

Iberia: Ancient Europe's Edge of the Earth (part 1)

Ananyo Bhattacharya: The Life of John von Neumann

Stuart Ritchie: bad science, good science and behavior genetics

War (part 2): the making and unmaking of man

War (part 1): the making and unmaking of man

Jason Richwine: an immigration restrictionist speaks

RKUL: Time Well Spent 05/05/2022

Sir Walter F. Bodmer: from R.A. Fisher to genomics

Casting out the wolf in our midst

The wolf at history's door

Francis Young: Lithuanian paganism during the Reformation

Euro Vision (part 2)

Rand Simberg: Elon Musk's Starship and making spaceflight great again

Euro Vision (part 1)

Molson Hart: "Chimerica" and the supply chain

Alex Nowrasteh: the last migration expert standing

RKUL: Time Well Spent 04/04/2022

Russian version of "Getting a sense of the Russian soul" - Понять Русскую Душу

James Lee: genes and educational attainment

Josiah Neeley: energy matters

Jacob L. Shapiro: geopolitical pasts, present and futures

Red hair is about as recessive as St. Patrick was Irish

Russia invades Ukraine and ends globalization?

Samo Burja: Bismarck Analysis and geopolitical uncertainty

Getting a sense of the Russian soul

Zack Stentz: Andromeda to X-Men

RKUL: Time Well Spent 03/03/2022

Life (science) comes at you fast, part 3

Life (science) comes at you fast, part 2

Sarah Haider: from Ex-Muslim to gender atheist

Life (science) comes at you fast, part 1

Muhammad Sohail Raza: A Pakistani genomicist in Beijing

Suhag Shukla: American Hinduism in 2022

A black American technologist in China

RKUL: Time Well Spent 02/02/2022

Caleb Watney: onward and upward with progress

Rav Arora: psychedelics and spirituality

Chad Orzel: A Brief History of Timekeeping

Setting the record straight: open letter on E.O. Wilson's legacy

The Sun Never Sets on the Anglo-Saxons (part 2)

The Sun Never Sets on the Anglo-Saxons (part 1)

William Gunn: from the bench to tech

David Sloan Wilson and Charles C. Mann on E. O. Wilson's legacy

Chris Arnade: walking across America

RKUL: Time Well Spent 01/01/2022