Sitemap - 2023 - Razib Khan's Unsupervised Learning

Happy 2024! 1-day sale…and if you only read one _ this year

RKUL Hit List 2023: From deepest Siberia to Europe’s edge

RKUL Hit List 2023: Ashkenazi Jewish genetics, a match made in the Mediterranean

RKUL Hit List 2023: Steppe 1.0, Going Nomad

More than kin, less than kind: Jews and Palestinians as Canaanite cousins

David Lightbringer: mythopoetic interpretations

When Slavs Rush in: the Fall of the Latin Balkans

Cesar Fortes-Lima: the three thousand-year odyssey of the Bantu

Katherine Brodsky: After 10/7 in Israel, Europe and the US

Time Well Spent - 12/12/2023

Cody Moser: the adaptive landscape of cultural evolution

Philippe Lemoine: French food and American immigrants

Cyber Monday 50% discount, and three things I never quit

Genghis Khan: they don’t make stars like they used to

Mark Safranski: the 21st-century way of war and the exhaustion of the American Empire

Nikolai Yakovenko: OpenAI in chaos, the future of artificial intelligence and effective accelerationism

Brent Roberts: let's talk about personality

Time Well Spent - 11/11/2023

Carl Zha: Chimerica to the Thucydides's Trap

Uncanny Neander Valley

Curtis Yarvin: reflections on a life of poetry

Michael Muthukrishna: A Theory of Everyone - The New Science of Who We Are, How We Got Here, and Where We’re Going

Peter Nimitz: the end of the first civilizations 4,300 years ago

IBW Episode #3: The Israel-Palestine conflict

Steinn Sigurðsson: Black Holes, causality and exoplanets

RKUL: Time Well Spent 10/10/2023

Eternal Equipoise: millennia at Eurasia’s heart

Gregory Clark: what has genetics to do with social status?

Sundar Iyer & Sudha Jagannathan: the accused speaks the truth about caste and the "Cisco Case"

Shaka Zulu: The Last of the God-Kings

John Logsdon: what has genomics done for evolution?

Facing Facts, even fraught ones: the quest for proto-Indo-Europeans in 2023

Christopher Rufo - America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything.

Richard Hanania: The Origins of Woke - Civil Rights Law, Corporate America, and the Triumph of Identity Politics

The Indian caste system: origin, impact and future

RKUL: Time Well Spent 09/09/2023

David Anthony: when we were Yamnaya

Erik Hoel: The World Behind the World

Katherine Dee: Is Twitter just our default?

Inez Stepman: fixing higher education

Cory Clark: adversarial collaborations in science

RKUL: Time Well Spent 08/08/2023

Bantu über alles: three millennia of unstoppable African farmers repeopling the vast continent

Alex S. Young and James J. Lee: quantitative genetics in 2023

Diana Fleischman: evolution, sex and eugenics

Nicola Buskirk: old books for a new generation

Hannah Frankman: unlearning the lessons of the past

Lyman Stone: God is dead, long live the Lord!

RKUL: Time Well Spent 07/07/2023

Our explosive past: on cataclysms and demographics

Until our luck runs out

Renu Mukherjee: affirmative action's end

IBW Episode #2: Muslims vs. LGBTQIA+

You’re so Turk and you don’t even know it

The out-of-Africa event in the light of ancient DNA and genomics

Samuel McIlhagga: the UK as a zombie nation

Elizabeth Jones: ancient DNA as "celebrity science"

RKUL: Time Well Spent 06/06/2023

Lee Fang: investigative journalism and investigating journalists

Current status: it’s complicated

Ross Douthat: fantasy and the literary imagination

Samo Burja: China's future, Russia's present and archaeology's past

Lillian Tara: more babies for a better world

One door closes, another opens: the Persian Empire’s end and the rise of the Persianate world

RKUL: Time Well Spent 05/05/2023

Timothy B. Lee: don't rage against the machine

We are all Zoroastrians: how Persian empires of the mind touched all humanity

The collapse of the Bronze Age civilization

Peter Nimitz: Seven Ages of Western Eurasia

Alex Feinberg: former professional athlete and techie turned trainer

Adam Mastroianni: a history of experiments in social psychology

Pre-Persian Iran: from the invention of agriculture to the Aryan onslaught

RKUL: Time Well Spent 04/04/2023

Iran through the ages: civilization's eternal crossroads

David McKay: AI and the end of the world as we know it

The modern human conquest of earth

Steven Pinker: The Blank Slate 20+ years later

Fury out of the North: from pagan slavers to Christian kings

David Sloan Wilson: the past and future of multi-level selection theory

The 100-year-winter and the coming of Ragnarök

Introducing the intellectual brown web (IBW)

RKUL: Time Well Spent 03/03/2023

Chariots of Ice, Coursers of the Sun

Human pigmentation: the genetics and evolution of human shades

After the Ice: how foragers and farmers conquered Scandinavia

Glenn Loury: four decades in economics

Virginia Postrel: from synthetic meat to synthetic fabric

Charles Fain Lehman: homicide, death in the charts

RKUL: Time Well Spent 02/02/2023

The prehistoric genetic roots of the Chinese

Venerable Ancestors: untangling the Chinese people's hybrid Pleistocene origins

Genetic history with Chinese characteristics

Madagascar: where Asia and Africa met

Jonathan Anomaly: To Make a Better World

Bryan Caplan: open minds and open borders

RKUL: Time Well Spent 01/01/2023

Your brain on books: themed readings lists for a 20-page-a-day habit in 2023