Great article Razib and thank you for an excellent primer to the foundations of Chinese civilization.

In 1000 BC no doubt Indian civilization was in an ahistorical phase, but the influence of that period on the present cannot be understated by any means. An Indian wedding today would be instantly recognisable to an Indian from 1000 BC. School children regularly recite a famous verse (sahanA vavatu) from the yajurveda from circa 1300 BC.

While I think the Indian and Chinese civilisations reach deepest to antiquity, what do you think about Judaism (Israeli civilization?) One can make a case that they were founded co-eval with the Indian and Chinese civilisations.

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I gave a gift subscription to my brother. But I did not get sent to a page for payment. Is it automatically charged to my paypal? Or is something wrong?

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"But all good things come to an end, and the Zhou themselves decayed and diminished over the centuries, eventually to remain only figureheads whose positions were inherited through lineage and not virtue, just as it had been with the Shang before them."

Very much in line with James Flynn's argument against the feasibility of a persistent inegalitarian meritocracy.

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