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Lepenski Vir and Vinca, often hidden behind the banner of ‘Old Europe’, although much older, were not mentioned in the above summary. We don’t know who lived there during the Ice Age and after that for 8-9000 years until Yamnaya people came and which language they spoke. The time distance between Yamnaya and us is just about 4700 years. None is interested which so-called ‘Non-Indo-European’ (?) language was spoken there for several thousands of years; it even has not the name!!! Hardly believable that Yamnaya people brought so-called ‘Indo-European’ language and in a short timeframe spread it around the whole Europe plus Asia. Thanks.

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"Hunter-gatherers, such as the Mbuti Pygmy and San Bushmen, have more of the “deep” diverged ancestry" -- Is there evidence of similar ancestry in the Australian aborigines, who seem to have had much less mixing by migrating populations? Or are they too far apart in time to see such evidence? Bill in Glendale

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Greetings Mr Khan,

Is there a Cavalli-Sforza for African genetic history? Also, would you say that Prof. Cavalli-Sforza is worth reading for someone entirely new to the area or should they just read Prof. Reich?


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