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"Palaeogenomics of Upper Palaeolithic to Neolithic European hunter-gatherers. A much more granular and deep dive into the peoples of Ice-Age Europe."

I'd love to see a post here or blog post from you with a bit of a breakdown on this.

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The following has been well reviewed and may be of interest* to genomics fans:

"I Know Who You Are: How an Amateur DNA Sleuth Unmasked the Golden State Killer and Changed Crime Fighting Forever" by Barbara Rae-Venter


"In 2017 Ms. Rae-Venter was approached by Paul Holes, a cold-case investigator with the sheriff’s office in California’s Contra Costa County. This was the contact that thrust the author front and center into the pursuit of “one of the most earnestly hunted human beings in all of history.”

"She had not previously known about the Golden State Killer, she writes. But “the more I read about his crimes, the more determined I became to identify him.” Her description of the obsessive zeal with which she sought this personification of evil echoes the dedication displayed by such fictional police detectives as California novelist Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch.

"Like a good crime writer, Ms. Rae-Venter has a gift for storytelling. She describes the Golden State investigation and other cases—their complications and vexations, dead ends and breakthroughs—with enviable clarity, suitable detail and a fine sense of pace. Her scientific explanations are concise and her revelations are dramatic. “I Know Who You Are” is a remarkably exciting book."


*I read the review earlier today. I have not yet read the book.

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I really like the posts on which explore the pre-history of various groups such as Chinese, Ashkenazis and Scandinavians, but I could benefit from a better grounding in genetics. Can you recommend additional reading, either a popular account or an undergraduate text? As an undergraduate several decades ago I took a biochemistry class, but I don't recall much from it.

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the Brown Pundit podcast that you mentioned reached out to me last year to discuss one of my articles about affirmative action

I wanted to do it, but I am afraid of public speaking, which is a weakness I am working on. I have turned down much bigger podcast invites and TV appearances. I wanted to do this one, because it was smaller and good practice at lower stakes, but for whatever reason I ghosted them.

Anyways, I always felt bad about that. Sorry for being rude and inconsiderate. I am still working on trying to do public speaking.

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Fascinating - will take me awhile to process. Wrote about European Paleolithic history and genetics earlier last year. Will find and include link. Lots of connections.

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