Hi Razib, do you plan to run this workshop again? Or, do you have scripts/libraries posted somewhere? Thank you

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When will the next one be? I missed the last one unfortunately.

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I have 23andme data from 2014. Is that significantly lower quality than a more recent test?

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Hi Razib

I just heard you on the SAMA show posted Feb 6. Thank you for your informed coverage of the evidence for Indo-European culture.

At one point you mentioned having DNA data sets available for download. Is that only for people who took the class?

I'm looking for anything I can do on my own until you offer the class again.


George (Dierk) Groeneman

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Hi, I would like to participate in the next session. I think this will help me in analyzing the 23andme data of my relatives and mine.

One of my parents is a South Indian Brahmin and the other belongs to Gowda (mid caste in Karnataka).

So, here is the ancestry composition of some of my 2nd and 3rd cousins in 23andme:

Brahmin 2nd cousin:

26% southern Indian subgroup and 10 % North Indian, rest Southern Indian: https://ibb.co/frf9TMz

Brahmin 2nd cousin:

82% souther Indian subgroup, rest Southern Indian: https://ibb.co/xsyYm26

Brahmin 2nd cousin:

33% souther indian subgroup and 9% north indian, rest south indian: https://ibb.co/KLHRRfM

Brahmin 3rd cousin (note that most have 100% southern indian subgroup like this person).

100% south indian subgroup: https://ibb.co/G5zGcsQ

Gowda 2nd cousin:(note only 2% southern indian subgroup).

2% southern Indian subgroup: https://ibb.co/kgj1ZZg

So, Gowdas have between 2-4% southern Indian subgroup.

My Brahmin relatives have southern Indian Subgroup+ north indian anywhere ranging from 35% to 100%. More than 50% of them are 100% southern Indian subgroup.

I am in between this gowda group and Brahmin group and have ~20% southern Indian subgroup.

But, I was surprised that the Brahmin group is not uniform and the southern Indian Subgroup percentage varies.

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This is awesome!!! Tough I think i am not ready to take part this time: - I have "LivingDNA" Genotyping and my 30x Genome from "Nebula", but none of the results from the big three genotyping companies. - Only Windows - GMT+1 timezone.

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i'll do a version at some point using vcf data. i have conversion scripts but i haven't made them user friendly

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