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“I’m so glad you wrote this – these misunderstandings have been driving me batty for more than a decade, and you’re the first to expose them so clearly, systematically, and entertainingly. I wish I were editing Best Science and Nature Writing this year, so I could feature it!”

-Steven Pinker, Ph.D.

“Razib Khan’s two part essay on Indian history is brilliant. While it’s long for a blog post, you’ll learn more about India than you would in many full length books.”

-Scott Sumner, Ph.D.

“Bro, I’m really digging your newsletter!”

-Carlos D. Bustamante, Ph.D., MacArthur Genius

Razib Khan offers recommended reading. I promise you that at the margin spending time on his links is worth more than spending time on Twitter. I’m talking to you, Tyler [Cowen].

-Arnold Kling, Ph.D.

Well, that was an amazing read and that was a hell of an ending. I’ve never done crack, but this is what I imagine it’s like.

-Satisfied subscriber

Here’s what Freddie deBoer, author of The Cult of Smart, says:

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